Aromatics 4-A: Spiritual Healing

(40 contact hours)

This course examines the Judeo-Christian tradition - the roots of healing with essential oils, prayer and anointing.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he" - Proverbs 23:7


  • Spirituality, faith and belief

  • History of the Biblical oils

  • Healing qualities of spiritual applications prayer, meditation, power of intent

  • The role of historical figures and healing with oils

  • Healing the heart and soul using heart-centered techniques

  • Heart-centered blessings with the oils for the sick and dying

  • The power of prayer in anointing the body

  • Predictions and prophecies - role of essential oils

  • Mystery school teachings and revelations for our time

  • The exploration of vibrational frequencies, color, sound and laying on of hands, to boost enlightenment with the biblical oils

Aromatics 4-B: Advanced Bodywork Techniques
(30 contact hours)

This new addition to our program teaches some advanced techniques in body work.

Here is what is covered in this 3 full-day intensive course:


  • Advanced raindrop technique

  • Coccyx correction

  • South American healing traditions

  • Auricular technique for emotional issues

"This course opened up a new level of thinking - it broadened my horizons.  It opened my eyes as to many other things to look at in expanding my horizons.  It is fantastic! I would recommend this course for everyone." - Paul Winkler, Garnavillo, Iowa, USA       More testimonials . . .