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Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of a On-line University Program Diploma


Welcome! to a NEW
On-line  Learning Program.
University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) is pleased to bring to students infinite possibilities into practicing a new paradigm of education, where knowledge unfolds wisdom and Energy-Frequency unfolds wellness, intuition and transformation.


Our Core Programs

​1. Aromatic Sciences Practitioner Diploma

2. Kinesis- Energy Practitioner Diploma

3. Human Energy Field Practitioner Diploma


Who we are..

We are a unique energy-based University in the healing and science disciplines. We apply many of the current discoveries in Quantum physics and holistic health sciences.  


World Class Faculty
 With Additional Members Coming Soon


Why E-Learning?
  1. Flexible schedules and cost effectiveness
  2. Pacing the program and learning on your own time- ideal for working adults


Contact us
E-mail:  admin@energywellnessstudies.com

​The University (is registered in the U.S.) and has proudly made affiliations and referrals from many other institutes within Canada and the U.S.

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