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Grades for Program Courses

90-100 = A/Excellent
80-89% = B/Good
75-79% = C/Satisfactory
74% or less = F/Fail

Students must maintain a minimum "C" average (75%), in each course where failing to do so may require rewriting an exam or assignment with only one rewrite opportunity.  80% is the maximum grade awarded after successful remediation. 

A $100 U.S. fee applies to each rewrite.


Graduation for Program Courses

To graduate,

  • Students are expected to meet their educational and financial obligations to the University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) first.  All tuition, graduation and miscellaneous fees must be paid in full prior to completing a program.

  • All official student records, such as incoming transcripts, and notarized verification of work/life experience credits, must be complete and on file.

  • All course work must be presented in the required formats.

  • Students must achieve a passing grade of "C" or higher.

  • Official transcripts and degrees, diplomas or certificates will be issued when all payments and course work described above is complete.

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