About Us

University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) is pleased to bring to students infinite possibilities into practicing a new paradigm of education, where knowledge unfolds wisdom and Energy; frequency unfolds wellness, intuition and transformation. We are a unique energy-based University in the healing and science disciplines. We apply many of the current discoveries in Quantum physics and holistic health sciences.

Why E-Learning?

Today, the demand for E-learning or online learning has increased dramatically. Research in comparing enrollment in e-learning classes showed that there was more than 6.7 million of the post-secondary students who enrolled with a minimum of one e-learning class during the year 2011, compared to 1.6 million  students in the year 2002. 

Many more higher educational facilities are providing enhanced e-learning curriculum as a result of this demand. Many people are now opting for this e-learning option. There are many universities on the internet that provide good, quality education. Many working adults who either want to change their careers or want to improve their position in their jobs are also opting for higher on-line learning.

 The advantages to on-line classes are many:

  • Flexible schedules and cost effectiveness are offered by online classes - making universities more popular across the globe.

  • Pacing the program and learning on your own time- ideal for working adults who want to change their careers- is another major advantage students can get while opting for online universities.  Students just need to know what they desire to learn and choose the right online course.   There are plenty of courses on the internet that you can choose from today, and particularly, in the area of health and fitness. There are only a few universities that specialize in a full curriculum in aromatic sciences and in energy-kinesiology.

  • The University of Energy Health Sciences ( U.- E.H.S.) has emerged to meet these demands by offering specialized energy programs at a higher educational level.