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Dr. John F. Thie - Founder of Touch for Health

TFH was developed by the late Dr. John Thie.  He had the vision to bring TFH to the layperson.  It was based on the work of Dr. George Goodheart - the father of Applied Kinesiology who applied his knowledge to chiropractic medicine, and the grandfather of Energy Medicine.

It was discovered that each muscle in the body relates to a specific meridian, a pathway of energy running through the body much like currents running through the electrical wiring of a house. These energy imbalances can be found through muscle testing and can be harmoniously balanced by a combination of acupressure/touch, massage, nutrition or gentle massage of the Chinese meridian system.

(Right) A reunion of the masters, at the 30th annual Touch for Health Kinesiology Association's (TFHKA) conference.  Dr. John Thie, DC (left) greets Dr. George Goodheart, DC and welcomes him to the conference.  Goodheart is the discoverer of Applied Kinesiology and Dr. Thie is the author and founder of Touch for Health.

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