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Aromatic Psychotherapy


Aromatic Sciences: Specialized Aromatic Psychotherapy
(40 contact hours)

Scents have a remarkably compelling influence on the psyche.  In ancient Egypt, personal perfumes were designed to elicit various emotions and to inspire thoughts.  In the 8th century AD, Wan Wei said,

Our sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times more acute than our other senses.  Odors travel more quickly to the brain than do either sight or sound.  Smell - the only sense that connects directly to our subconscious and our nervous system.

This is a four-day in-depth study on using essential oils to aid emotional concerns and promote emotional well-being.


The course teaches:

  • Release techniques

  • Emotions and memory

  • More ways to release stress

  • Chemicals and neuro-toxic-emotions

  • Soul invigoration

  • Visual GDV Kirlian images as evidence of emotional shifts

Benefits: The course teaches ways of using holistic, energetic methods to clear negative emotional feelings, for reducing stress and trauma, and for enhancing emotional freedom for self and others.  Using the techniques, students can assist clients better in alternative emotional counseling.
Format: Both lectures and hands-on emotional release techniques are used.  As well, students are required to submit 25 case studies for completion of this portion of the program.

Course outline:

Day 1

  • Common chemicals and neuro-toxic-emotions review

  • The power of smell - emotional nose review

  • Brain structure & limbic system

  • Spiritual and emotional importance of the Amygdala and heart connection

  • Where is memory? Latest Quantum research

  • Emotions - research studies on emotions and scents

  • Kirlian picture and it's meaning

  • Changing your hologram

  • Language Patterns - the creation of your reality

  • Hormonal system and emotions

Day 2

  • Five procedures for emotional release including energy psychology techniques

  • Energy centers - chakras- balancing with oils, colours and tones

  • New - Teeth connections with corresponding negative/positive emotions

  • 'Tooth Fairy' - Release techniques using essential oils

Day 3

  • Inhalation technique - how to reprogram for a positive intent

  • Energy centers emotional technique and application

  • Personal releasing

  • Intuitive choosing of an oil

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