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Aromatic Sciences: Aromatic Facial Contouring

Aromatic Sciences: Aromatic Facial Contouring
(40 contact hours)

This advanced 4-day course teaches the use of organic therapeutic Grade A essential oils for skin care and aromatic facials.  Developed by the Director, the course presents a superior method and group of products for spa treatments.

Holistic skin care consists of all the complex and interdependent aspects and needs for healthy skin, body and mind. It's a paradigm shift in the pursuit of beauty and health.  Today, there's great demand for chemical-free life-enhancing body/skin care products that are rejuvenating and anti-aging for longevity and youthfulness.

Holistic, organic skin care and aromatic face-lifts are taught using organic therapeutic grade essential oils and the world's first certified organic skin care and Savvy cosmetic line.

Aromacological skin treatment relies on the capacity of essential oils to advance cellular renewal through increased circulation, hydration, and waste removal.  The most powerful skin beautifiers, enhancers, and anti-aging antioxidants created by Mother Nature herself are essential oils.

"This is a wonderful course. A whole new concept for facials and a wonderful experience." - Lynne Anne Gallaway, Ontario Canada


 The course covers:

  • Nutrition, antioxidants

  • Essential oils

  • Lifestyle, psycho-physiology

  • Hormonal balance, fitness

  • Emotions and mental factors

  • Mary Magdalene's healing oils

  • Includes Features from the popular 250 page 'Saving Face' Book.


Course material also incorporates the 'Emotional Freedom Face-Lift' book.

Saving Face, The Scents-Able Way to Wrinkle-Free Skin Benefits: The course will help you develop healthy choices for radiant beauty and vitality.  Material presented provides holistic techniques for treating poor skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, sagginess (aging skin), and acne (blemishes).

"I loved the holistic emphasis from the spiritual to emotional- cognitive to the physical. Directly performing the facial and receiving it was both Divine! This is not to be missed for anyone interested in practicing energy medicine" - Dr. Lucille Necas, Toronto, Canada  


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