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Our Privacy Policy

Our school keeps student names, addresses and phone numbers on file for contact information and to process invoices and receipts.

Birth dates are obtained for admission purposes only.  Next of kin may be collected in case of an emergency.  Documentation pertaining to grades/standing is kept indefinitely in hard copy and electronically.

These files are confidential and are only available to University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) administrative staff, the Director,

the Registrar and the student.  Students wishing to view their file may do so under prearranged supervision with the Registrar.

The law prohibits University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) instructors and staff from disclosing grades, exams, attendance or any other information to anyone except the student.  Grades are not given on the phone. University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) takes measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access.

Please contact administrative staff if you have any further questions in regards to the collection or use of personal information.

Upon graduation a graduate's student number and contact information are kept in a database so that University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) can maintain an official graduates list and for future contact with the graduate.

From time to time, University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) will conduct surveys.  These surveys act as a resource to help us continuously improve our programs and better meet the needs of our students and teachers. University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) desires to maintain high quality programs.  These surveys are kept on file for reference.

In special situations,University of Energy Health Sciences  (U-EHS) may collect, use, or disclose personal information without student/ graduate consent as required and permitted by law, such as to:

1. Collect a debt owed to us

2. Meet government tax reporting requirements, and/or

3. Comply with a court order.

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