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Accredited Workshops
​Integrated Aromatics

Essential Oil Studies includes Raindrop Certification

Accredited Workshops

Raindrop Certification Practitioner Course - check the Raindrop page for more information

Neuro-Auricular Course Program (NAT) - check the NAT page for more information


Texts for the Integrated Aromatic Program

Module 1
Chemistry of Essential Oils—Dr. David Stewart
Essential Oils Desk Reference Book—by Life Science Publishers—OPTIONAL

Module 2
Raindrop Technique—D. Gary Young
Essential Desk Reference- by Life Sciences Publishing

Raindrop Video 

Module 3
Dance with Ease—Dr. M. DeVita
Electromagnetic Pollution—Dr. M. DeVita

Module 4
Scriptural Essence—Janet McBride
Healing Oils of the Bible—Dr. David Stewart

Online module programs will be offered via the University site.
COMING SOON: New Link for the Aromatic program

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