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Spiritual Science Series


Instructor Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.


This is a past online course. (May be repeated)


This past course is your entry point for the entire Spiritual Science series of trainings offered by the Vesica Institute.  The course offers key information from multiple spiritual traditions, along with teaching the core spiritual practices which create an essential foundation for all later practices.   

Learn the Essentials which make all Advanced Spiritual Development possible. 

This online course provides a clear, concise overview of what you need to know to create permanent and stable inner spiritual transformation.


This Online course focuses on essential knowledge and practices, which you will need to effectively experience Spiritual Initiation on the modern independent path.

Today we are seeing a remarkable release of deep spiritual initiation information from multiple world traditions; however few modern spiritual seekers have the keys to be able to sort through this mass and turn it into an optimized, effective path of spiritual development.

In addition, many currently available materials -- including the most hyped New Age teachings - are often of wildly varying quality and accuracy.

It can take years of intense searching to locate the highest quality information and hidden techniques from multiple traditions. It takes even more years to extract the essentials, so that you can both understand and practically apply this higher level material.

This Spiritual Science course is devoted to providing access to critical knowledge and techniques, described clearly and concisely.
In this course we will strip away the “veils” which usually hide the deeper teachings of classical spiritual traditions from the public.


Practical Methods taught in this course include:

  • The Essential Method to Know the Effects of Any Spiritual Practice on your Subtle Bodies.

  • How and Why to Practice the Two Essential types of Meditation (and why so many traditions teach just one type and not both.)

  • Exercises to Learn the Unique Structures of Your Energy Body (and how this is essential to choosing spiritual practices which are beneficial to you instead of harmful.)

  • How to Perform Six of the Most Essential Spiritual Practices (known by the European Rosicrucians to have the power to neutralize problems coming from other spiritual practices, or from our long term karmic patterns.)

  • An Essential Western Tradition Breathing Practice (and why it is completely different from most Eastern practices.)

  • The natural Master Method to Awaken any Spiritual Center in the Body.

  • 3 Key Methods to Remove Energetic Blockages.


Topics covered in this course include:

  • The Spiritual Importance of the Modern Independent Path to Spiritual Initiation (and why millions of people are now drawn to this path.)

  • Why Different Spiritual Traditions do NOT all Lead to the Same Outcome (hidden secrets of structuring the subtle bodies.)

  • How and Why the Modern Path to Spiritual Development (and Perceiving Spiritual Realities) is Different from the Ancient Path.

  • Why Advanced Spiritual Exercises have to be Adjusted for Different People (and can cause extreme harm if not adjusted.)

  • The Difference between a Seer, a Magician, an Intuitive, and an Initiate.

  • The Key Eastern and Western systems of Energy Activation and How to Practice Them Safely (and the secret of Kundalini vs. “Reversed Kundalini” activations.)

  • The Key Places where you can Activate Spiritual Forces in your Physical Body (and the reasons for different Subtle Body Maps used in different traditions.)

  • Mapping which Traditions hold which Pieces of Critical Information you may Need on Your Path (the role of different traditions in the new Universal Spiritual Science.)

  • Choosing your Spiritual Destiny: Why Different Traditions are going opposite directions in developing the human Spirit Core - and What this means for You.

  • Why your Spiritual Experiences after Death, and your Future Destiny, depend on what  Spiritual Practices you Choose Now.

  • The Key Modern Error of “Occult Materialism” and How to Avoid It.

  • The Critical Difference between Systems regarding Gurus vs. Teachers (and the hidden consequences of “Purification in Place”.)

  • Kundalini Awakenings: Why they are essential and Why they so often go wrong (and where to find help when serious problems arise.)

  • Learning to Perceive and Differentiate between the Three Key Types of Spiritual Beings.

  • Independent Initiation vs. Guru Initiation: Honest Talk about Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Systems.

  • 7 Stages of Different Initiation Systems: Classical, Esoteric Christian, and Rosicrucian.

  • 4 Types of Spiritual Paths in Rudolf Steiner’s Rosicrucian Initiation School.

  • The “Initiation Trials” of Water, Air, and Fire which everyone will face on the Path.

  • Recognizing when Spiritual Beings intervene on our behalf.

  • Why you chose to incarnate in a specific body in this incarnation: Karmic Opportunities of Different Genders, Races, and Cultures.

  • The Significance & Power of the Archangelic Ages: The Current Age of Michael and Creating a Universal Spiritual Science.

  • The “Secret Doctrine” of human spiritual evolution (and why this is essential to know in order to pick the best spiritual exercises for yourself.)

  • Choosing “Where Will I Go” and “Who Will Go With Me."

  • The Three Different Types of Spiritual Groups (and why so many people waste years getting nowhere in their spiritual development.)




Course Structure:

The course features 5 streaming pre-recorded video classes (each 2 hours long or more) with downloadable mp3s and downloadable / printable class handouts.

This Course Will Be Available to You for 6 full Months after you Register!

Immediate Access as soon as you register online.

You can watch the streaming videos anytime during that 6 month period (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) for as many times as you like -- and download the resources anytime.

  • All classes will remain available to you online during your 6 Month subscription period

  • Streaming Video of the Main Lesson for each Class

  • Downloadable Audio of Main lesson

  • Downloadable Handouts and Support Material

  • Works easily on both PC’s and Mac (and the vast majority of mobile devices as well, including Android and Apple devices!)

This course was normally $299. 

Discount Offer is No Longer Valid:

Ended January 25th - April 30th, 2019.


This online course provided a clear, concise overview of what you need to know to create permanent and stable inner spiritual transformation. Check in if this course is repeated for this year.

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